The cliffs of Hoy rise up, pillars of flame. This coast has some of the tallest cliff-faces in the world, St John's Head, The Kame, The Berry, Rora Head: magnificent presences. There among them, standing out to sea a little, is the rock stack called The Old Man of Hoy.

Hoy facts

In the 19th Century approximately 80 people lived in Rackwick, which is remarkable given how quiet the valley is today. These people were fisherman and crofters who lived a hard but happy life. Men of Rackwick has no peers in the art of cliff climbing; for skill and daring they were cragmen par excellence. Fishermen in Rackwick BayThey climbed cliffs to gather eggs and seabirds for eating. They used simmans - which were ropes made of heather!

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Map of the island of Hoy

  1. Scar Cottage
  2. The Old Man of Hoy
  3. St John's Head
  4. The Cuilags
  5. Berriedale Wood
  6. Ward Hill
  7. Dwarfie Stane
  8. Betty Corrigal's Grave
  9. Lyness War Museum
  10. North Walls School / Swimming Pool
  11. Melsetter House
  12. Brims Lifeboat Museum
  13. Martello Tower

Looking across Rackwick Bay to the red cliffsWard Hill and the hilly landscape of HoyPillars of flame - the stunning cliffs around St John's Head and the Old Man of Hoy