A burn, having gathered its waters from the surrounding hills, fed with small twinkling tributaries, moves slowly through the valley; it deepens into a reflective pool; then rushes foaming at the sea over a ravelment of rounded boulders. After a heavy rainfall the stepping stones are awash.

Hoy facts

The Old Man of Hoy is a sea stack of red sandstone on a basalt base. Men of Yore used the track to the bottom (now used by climbers and considered very dangerous). There they remained at the base fishing all day, from dusk to dawn and returned laden with fish. This involved climbing 400 feet with a heavy creel of fish on their backs!

Rackwick valley in the pastMore Hoy facts

Rackwick used to be served by The Endeavour, The Gleaner and The Star of Hope - ships that operated as shop boats to remote islands. These ships anchored in Rackwick bay and were boarded by their customers.

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